What Drivers Can Do During Downtime

While each workday is different from the other, there is something that is the same for a limo driver: the downtime. Limo drivers are very familiar with the ebb and flow of their profession, and, frankly, who doesn’t enjoy a break now and then? But sometimes, the downtime is a long time. What are some things that drivers can do during this time between picking up new jobs or waiting for their clients who are at a concert or a winery?

Plan Ahead

It’s better to be prepared for any case scenario when you’re a limo driver. Whether that’s plotting a new course in times of traffic or road repair or thinking ahead to your entire day, planning ahead is crucial to your success. So during down time, look at your schedule, think about the best way to get from point A to point B, and in general, be on the ready to change course at any time. Use your downtime wisely!

Neat and Tidy

If you have clients who have booked you for a long stretch of time, it is nice to use your downtime to make sure your limo is looking top notch. When clients are away, spruce up the back, wipe down any seats, replace dirty glasses or napkins, make sure the ice is filled, and make it look as if the clients will be arriving to a brand new limo.

Electronic Know How

Perhaps some of your clients are not as technically-savvy as others. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to show them how to use all the features in the limo? The stereo system, the lights, etc., are sometimes a novelty to those unfamiliar with them. Why not take a few minutes before the trip begins to get comfortable with everything so you can be the expert at hand. Little touches like that can go a long way!

In any and all cases, remember that you are representing Driver Anywhere. Even in downtime, you are on company time. Represent well at all times – it goes well, along with these tips, in having clients return time and again for your driving services.

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