Tips for Limo Drivers During Winter Weather Conditions

You might be the most experienced driver you know, and, to top it off, be specifically licensed to drive more complicated vehicles than those typically used day in and day out. But even with your level of knowledge, winter weather can be a detriment to just about anyone. Knowing how to handle whatever comes at you as a limo driver (snow, sleet, freezing rain for example) and remaining calm are the first best steps for dealing with winter weather conditions. Here are some other tips:

Be Educated

Most importantly, we recommend keeping an eye on the forecast throughout the winter months. There are times when weather systems can move very quickly, and being educated about conditions gives you a significant leg up.

Take It Easy

There’s no need to rush and drive quickly on roads that could be slick and slippery – black ice is easy to missl. Accelerate and decelerate slowly, pump your brakes as you approach a stop sign or stop lights, and always use your lights as a precaution.

Up The Hill, Down The Hill

If you can avoid hills during winter weather, do so. If they are unavoidable, go slowly but do not stop. A limousine might not be easy to get up a hill!

Stay Alert

Along with remaining focused, stay alert at all times. Be aware of your surroundings and especially, other vehicles. Not all drivers will be as cautious as you, so knowing everything that’s going on around you at all times is crucial to a successful and safe trip.

As a limo driver for the DriverAnywhere network, you have the responsibility of taking care of your customers at all times. So with the weather forecast first and foremost on your mind, you need to also remember that your behavior is reflected in your customers – staying calm and remaining focused on your current trip will make the entire situation better for all those involved.

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