Navigating The Airport Terminals During the Holidays

If you think Black Friday shopping is busy, then think about airport terminals during the holidays: weeks of crowds with long waits and screaming kids–essentially the same thing but one is a much shorter time-frame than the other. So instead of resigning yourself to not traveling during the holidays to avoid the stress and headaches, let’s consider a few ways to make the situation bearable if not enjoyable.

Be Early

It’s a tried and true mantra but it’s one that works. Why wait until the last minute to get to the airport and start your holiday travel completely frazzled? Instead, plan well ahead of time so that you can get through check in and security and navigate your way through the terminal to your gate. If you’re there early enough, you can find the best seat next to the charging station!

Be Prepared

These days there is almost no reason to have to check in at the airport – you can have your boarding pass downloaded to your smart phone and stroll right to security. Granted, though, some of us still check baggage, so you would still have to stop at the check in desk to deposit your luggage. But otherwise, it is so much easier, faster, and smarter to take care of anything you can before heading to the airport.

Be Patient

It might go without saying, but the holidays will mean more families traveling vs. business travelers. And families probably do not travel as often! It isn’t easy, but sometimes having a little extra patience will help immensely as you navigate the airport terminals. Offer a friendly smile, hold a door open, and in general, remember that everyone is trying to get somewhere.

Be Relaxed

To make your trip to and from the airport even easier, consider booking a ride with a reliable ground transportation service–not having to worry about parking onsite at the airport will give you considerable more time and much less stress.

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