Luxury Travel 2018 – Trends for Providers


Luxury travel is constantly evolving – providers, whether ground or air transportation, lodging, or tour companies, among others, need to stay on the cutting edge of what constitutes high-end experiences for the elite traveler. Here’s a snapshot of a few of the current trends for 2018:

Transformative Experiences

Today’s luxury traveler is not just looking for a good time – they are looking to be transformed in some way, whether through experiential experiences, self-awareness practices, or helping others through travel volunteerism. The big game is personal fulfillment for these travelers. Finding providers who can fill that niche and support it is key to provider success in today’s marketplace.

Affordable Luxury

Affordable luxury sounds like a misnomer, but, it is a massive trend these days. More and more travelers want to experience luxury but are also committed to the bottom line. Having access to luxurious accommodations or high-end ground transportation makes travelers feel as if they are getting the best of both worlds. This realization opens up the marketplace to providers who understand that there are ways to work the system for both the consumer and the provider.

Relatable Values

Today’s young luxury traveler is incredibly socially-aware and value-driven. Providers of the modern luxury travel marketplace need to bear in mind that consumers are looking to book with companies that have values aligned with their own. An emphasis on core values such as sustainability, eco-driven, and community-minded is key to success with the millennial and Gen-Z generations of 2018.

Social Media Influence

A trend that is not going away anytime soon: social media influence. Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, Pinterest and others all continue to be at the forefront of luxury travel marketing. Gorgeous photos, product-driven videos, personal testimonials — all of these are highly influential on today’s luxury travelers. Providers need to spend more time on these sites than anywhere else these days.

Keeping your finger on the pulse of luxury travel is key to success in the marketplace – know your audience and you will find that success!

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