How Black Car & Limo Drivers Can Perfect Airport Pick-Ups

One of the most common services that black car companies and limo companies provide is airport pick-ups and drop-offs. Travelers are often traveling for business or pleasure and need connecting transportation between the airport and their final destination. While the standard tips for being an exceptional black car driver still apply, there are certain steps that professional drivers can take to make certain that these jobs not only go off without a hitch but that the passenger is impressed with the trip.

Here are our best tips and tricks for picking up passengers at the airport.

  • Check your client’s flight information. Air travel can be unpredictable, especially if inclimate weather is affecting either the departure or the arrival airport. Keeping up-to-date on the status of your passenger’s flight ensures that you will be in the right place and the right time.
  • Be sure to handle all baggage. Keep in mind that your passenger has been lugging their bags around all day. Quickly taking their bags off their hands and loading them into the vehicle takes the burden away from them while establishing that you are attentive to their needs. Opening and closing doors also adds a vital touch of service.
  • Offer a beverage or a snack. Travelers who have been in the air may be feeling dehydrated and/or hungry. Having a bottle of water on hand or offering a quick stop at a coffee shop could make a huge difference in your traveler’s day. Having gum and mints is also a nice option, as travelers might want to feel fresher after a long flight.
  • Carefully gauge their wishes for interaction. Some travelers may be ready to engage in a conversation about your city, or they may desperately want some peace and quiet. Always greet them warmly and ask about their trip, but then look closely for signs that they either want to continue chatting or have some time to themselves.
  • Be clear about your pickup point. Airports can be large and confusing, especially if this is their first time at a destination. Even if your service utilizes GPS and a map app, passengers may get confused if the airport has multiple levels. Being clear and communicating can prevent a pick-up from getting off on the wrong foot.
  • Get the temperature right. Airplanes are notorious for being too hot or too cold, or your client could be unused to the climate in your city. As soon as your passenger is in the car, ask them if they are hot or cold, or if they’d like the windows down. Ask them about their comfort level mid-trip as well.
  • Don’t get frustrated with airport traffic. Pick-ups at the airport can be stressful due to heavy traffic, a high volume of drivers who don’t know the area, and gridlock. However, showing your frustration or driving aggressively starts your trip off badly and unprofessionally.
  • Power them up. After traveling, your client may be in need of a phone, tablet, or laptop charge. Have a few different charger options available and ask if they need a boost while you take them to their next stop. Some drivers position cords so that they don’t even have to ask if their passengers need a charge–the cords are visible and accessible.

Being a professional and successful black car or limo driver means knowing how to perfect the airport pick-up, even in the most stressful situations. With DA Net, you can offer stellar service along with worldwide availability and an on-time guarantee, taking your business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more.

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